Do you need to quickly share access to important information?


If you need to produce a statement or share important information to raise awareness, then our system will provide you with the means to do so easily, quickly, and securely.

Enable your audience to access information 'at the point of need' by presenting a QR code and allow them to download it immediately using their mobile device.

Create your own library of important information that can continuously be updated by you, without needing to change each unique QR code.

Inform at point of need

Situations that require sharing information may require it to be seen at a specific point in time and location. By proactively displaying access to information to an audience when they are most likely to require it ensures that it has the correct level of engagement and recognition.

Continuity and relevance empowers individuals and provides greater understanding and clarity.

Enhance and support learning

Provide the means for greater independence by offering students quick access to learning material without the added complication of remembering URL's or retaining paper copies.

Allow continual use of a QR Code with the ability to regularly update the information ensuring that it is current and relevant to the intended audience.

Engage with your workforce

With the ever-increasing need to inform employees of health & safety policies and procedures the use of QR Codes offers a practical method for sharing information. Empowering employees to take action at the point of need and relevance will generate greater traction and engagement.

Provide information that is relevant to a moment in time and/ or as part of their daily duties to perform checklists/ inspections and many other potential uses.

Equipment information support

Understanding that the majority of equipment requires access to a manual, UPTOTHEMINUTE offers the ability for this to be provided digitally rather than in print format. Using a QR Code label any user can access an online resource of information which allows greater flexibility searching for specific answers.

Additionally, QR Codes can be assigned to specific assets for inventory management.

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